lördag 24 mars 2012

the work of a madman

Trying to be loved was always my main preoccupation, whatever political or musical ideas I may have presented as the true spirit of Cats on fire. Whenever I felt I was loved, I was ready to go hunting for more of the same. That was what we did in Gothenburg, autumn 2005, when we returned to the Bergsjön apartment to play.

The Cosy Den club in Bergsjön, Gothenburg, was the work of a madman. We played in that shared apartment on the first club night in the summer of 2004, and we played there on the last, in November 2005. By then, Mattias Jansson had already realized that in the long run, it wasn’t a good idea to run a club night in your living room and that he had to move. I could’ve told him, because when the second toilet was a funnel with a pipe that went into the first toilet, you simply know.

But these nights serve as fine examples: there was no money and no promises of anything bigger. There were anxiety attacks and bad equipment. But in that crammed apartment, there was also football-style sing-a-long, and my heart, melting.

(Ur liner notes för Cats on fire-samlingsalbumet Dealing in antiques. En bild var från dessa kvällar nedan, och en från morgonen efter sista ovan.)

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